Back in 2014 I wrote a blog post about social media apps entitled ‘5 Apps That Will Make Your Workday Easier‘. Now it’s 2016 and we are all using apps more and more every day for business. So it’s time to update that list. Check out 5 NEW social media apps that have made it to the home screen of our iPhones.


Buffer app made the top spot 2 years ago and things have only got better with Deep Space Marketing’s preferred social media scheduling partner. Sure, you can still use Buffer to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, but now they have added Instagram reminders. This new feature let’s you set up an image and caption, and then at a time of your choosing, your notifications will remind you to post. Instagram still doesn’t allow any third party to schedule posts so Buffer reminders are truly the next best thing.


Do never ending email threads drive you crazy? Then you should consider switching your company communication over to Slack. Deep Space Marketing has a number of our clients using Slack. Its ability to separate conversations by channel (subject) and instant messages is a huge productivity boost for everyone. You can also upload images and videos to Slack, making it perfect for a client to share content with us so we can post on their social media profiles in almost real time. We use the Slack app on our iPhones, iPads and have downloaded the desktop version too so you never need to miss a message (yes, you do need to be in control of your notifications!).

Google Keep

There are quite a number of social media apps out there to keep you organized. At Deep Space Marketing we have been Evernote users for the last couple of years. However, when they announced the free plan was going to be restricted to two devices it was time to look for an alternative solution. Enter Google Keep. As you might expect it integrates seamlessly with your gmail account (we use gmail as our Deep Space Marketing email client) and set up was a breeze. Notes are simple and intuitive to take and keep with a label system that any gmail users will be familiar with. Again, the app is on our iPhones and iPads so when we are taking notes in a meeting offline everything syncs up when we hit wifi. This app is free, easy and a no brainer!


Instagram has gone from strength to strength as a marketing tool for business since Facebook took ownership. While original content is still vital, there are times you want to repost content from another account. The repost app makes that as easy as copying an Instagram image url and pasting the caption! If you want to share an image taken by one of your customers at your business, repost makes it easy. If you want to share an image taken by a member of staff at work on your company profile, repost makes it easy. If you want to share an image of a partner business to tell your followers about a joint venture … yes, repost makes it easy.


This is one of the coolest social media apps for photo editing we’ve seen in a long time. Upload a photo you have taken and then Prisma will create an artistic version in the style of a famous artist. You get to choose the degree of filter used and often the best results are from just a small amount to keep the essence of your image. So if you are looking to stand out with beautiful images on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform, give this app a try. Right now it’s just for images, but there’s talk of video filters being introduced which will be eye catching to say the least. As with any photo filter, best engagement often comes when it’s used occasionally versus every photo you post (although this app is so addictive you might have a hard time with that!).

What did we miss? Are there other social media apps that you can’t live without? Let us know in a comment or Tweets us at @DeepSpaceMKTG

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