It’s Social Media Day! Here we are again friends. June 30th and it’s that one day of the year when we tweet more, post more, Like more, Vine more and of course Pin more!


Today’s social celebrations were started by Mashable back in 2010, you know, in those pre-Instagram days! I don’t think it’s overstating things to say that Mashable  has been the most influential voice in the promotion of social media. Whether you are looking for news on the latest apps, how social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook are trying to engage businesses or the latest viral YouTube videos, they have successfully positioned themselves as THE voice in what is a very, very crowded social space.


So how will you celebrate Social Media Day 2013? Chances are you have already checked-in somewhere, as I write this as 10.15 PST from Gilbert, Arizona. When I grabbed a coffee this morning from @bergiescoffee I made sure I remembered to  check-in on Foursquare and Yelp. I have a battle going on with local Tweeter extraordinaire @DouglasCP for the mayorship of @BergiesCoffee and I am busy trying to hold on to my ‘Duke’ status on Yelp! Of course I had other options … I could have checked-in on Facebook and Google Plus, but my personal preference is to go with Foursquare and then share on my other networks. By now we all have our own social media habits, favorite platforms and thoughts about what to share on other networks and why. Understanding this reality makes it harder to work out why some businesses choose not to have even a limited presence, i.e. optimized profile but not especially proactive, on the second and third tier networks. Potential customers are using these  networks so why not at least give them the chance to interact with your business even in the most limited way?


But I digress. Back to today. #SMDAY is the hashtag that is flying around the interwebs today so if you are tweeting up a storm today be sure to add it just to let people know you are ‘in the know’ and joining the celebration of all things social.


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