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5 Ways to a More Consistent and Effective Online Marketing Strategy with Social Media Scheduling

Social media scheduling is one of the primary ways to maintain a consistent and effective online marketing strategy.

By Guy Downes
Managing Partner
1 July 2017

As much as we rely on social media scheduling, we believe in a healthy mix of scheduled and ‘live’ content. Any Facebook page, Twitter profile or Instagram account that only pushes content out with no moderation is missing the point completely (and potentially harming your brand).

We schedule regular Tweets throughout the day at @DeepSpaceMKTG, but we also take time to favourite, comment and retweet content in real time where appropriate.

Benefits of Social Media Scheduling

1. You can ensure a variety of engaging content is going to be posted even when you know you have a busy week ahead.
2. A good scheduling tool will let you post a mix of media from videos, to images and links (variety is the spice of life!).
3. You will be able to analyse which posts have performed well and use that content again to maximise engagement.
4. Analytics will tell you the best time to post throughout the day to give you the best chance of getting your content seen.
5. You can add team members to help with social scheduling to keep ideas fresh.

Be Careful!

1. The temptation to rely on scheduled content only means missing out on the benefits of posting and moderating in real time.
2. Content may be appropriate ahead of time, but if a negative news story breaks, that can soon change.
3. Native versions of social media apps will often have unique features that can’t be replicated when scheduling e.g. liking content on Facebook as your page.

There are a number of different companies out there that can help with social media scheduling. Plans range from full enterprise solutions for bigger companies, to free or very low cost plans for small businesses. Already managing social media for your company? Then it’s likely you have heard of the major players; Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Sprinklr or Buffer. Having used all four of these services, Deep Space Marketing has chosen Buffer as our social media scheduling partner. The reasons for this are many, but above all they are a company that truly feels like a partner to our business.

Whichever service you choose to use the benefits will be immediate to your business. If you want to learn more or discuss how Deep Space Marketing can manage and upgrade your social media game, get in touch today.

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