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It’s not just about telling people about your product or service anymore. It’s even more than driving traffic to your website. Social Media is a conversation taking place in real time between your brand and your customers, old and new.

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Social Media Marketing in Suffolk

A few people have asked us why we decided to move our social media marketing business to the county of Suffolk. If you read our blog post 'Deep Space Marketing moves from the U.S. to the U.K.' you'll know we originally set up our business in Arizona and moved back to...

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5 Tips to Beat the Facebook Algorithm

If you follow any news about social media you have likely heard that the Facebook algorithm has been tinkered with a lot lately. Facing an increasing backlash from politicians and others, social media giants like Facebook have come out publicly to say they want to...

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So You Wrote a Blog Post. Now What?

Is one of your New Year's resolutions to write a blog post for your business more often? Welcome to the club! The fact is, it's often really difficult for business owners or marketers to carve out the time to write a well thought out and commercially relevant blog...

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Five Easy Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

Looking to increase Instagram followers? We all are for a variety of different reasons. It's almost 2018 and Instagram is no longer just a place to share cool photos with funky filters. Since Facebook bought the platform in 2012 it’s quickly become one of the most...

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10 Ingredients for a Perfect Facebook Post

The quest for a perfect Facebook post is never ending. Maintaining healthy organic reach for any Facebook page has been the challenge of 2017 for page admins. There’s nothing we can do to change Facebook algorithms but there are ways to improve the chance of people...

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LinkedIn Success Part Two

You’ve completed everything from the previous blog (LinkedIn Success – The First Three Steps) and now you’re ready to take on three new action points. Here we go for round two on LinkedIn success. LinkedIn Success Tip #4 – Personalise Your URL Take a look at your...

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3 Social Media Apps We Use Everyday

Buffer Buffer is Deep Space Marketing’s preferred social media scheduling partner. Sure, you can use Buffer to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, but now they have added Instagram reminders. This feature let’s you set up an image...

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How Social Media Scheduling Helps Business

Social media scheduling is one of the primary ways to maintain a consistent and effective online marketing strategy. As much as we rely on social media scheduling, we believe in a healthy mix of scheduled and ‘live’ content. Any Facebook page, Twitter...

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LinkedIn Success – The First Three Steps

LinkedIn Success Tip #1 – Profile Picture If you do one thing only today, do this – upload a profile picture. If I see a profile without a profile picture I won’t connect with that person because it tells me they are not really interested in LinkedIn. I’m...

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