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5 Ways to Stand Out on Social Media Starting Today

It’s busy out there on social media for a small or medium sized business. So follow these 5 Ways to Stand Out on Social Media.

By Guy Downes
Managing Partner
Monday 11 Nov 2019

On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google make sure the right kind of customer has the best chance of finding you.

5 Ways to Stand Out on Social Media:
1. Make sure you are doing all the FREE things Facebook wants you to do as a page admin.
  • Look through the settings tab and fill in all the information about your business. Include your address, number, email and website.
  • Fill in the ‘Our Story’ section to give people a few paragraphs to read about how your business got started.
  • Use a clear image of your logo as your Page’s profile photo, then use the cover photo to display the exterior of your business, If you have an actual location to visit.
  • Use a good photo of your product or service if your company is mainly online.
  • Set up instant replies to make sure your messages don’t go unanswered.
  • Set aside some money from your marketing budget to promote posts that are performing well.


2. Twitter is not an ‘outbound only’ social media platform.
  • While it’s great to send out links to your website and photos of your business. Remember to interact with other profiles too.
  • Be a knowledgeable voice within your industry on Twitter. This will help you stand out as a company that isn’t always trying to sell, sell, sell.
  • Engage with business partners and past customers.
  • Interact with your local community and be seen to be supporting causes that make where you live a better place to enjoy life!


The next one is a Big one …
3. If you aren’t adding content to Instagram Stories you are missing out on 50% of the value this social media giant can offer to your business.
  • Varied and well taken photos and videos are important for your feed, but so is a more light hearted and ‘in the moment’ kind of content for Instagram stories that disappear after 24 hours – unless you add them to highlights.
  • Again, follow others and comment on their photos and videos.
  • Be aware that this is one platform where regular posting is vital to stay top of mind to your followers and potential customers.


4. Think of LinkedIn as ‘warm leads’ versus the ‘colder leads’ of other social media platforms.
  • As a social media website and app which is clearly all business all the time, LinkedIn offers you the chance to connect with those you have met throughout your career and let them know what’s happening in your work life today.
  • The trust that was built up via your past work based relationships continues and you may find new clients from old contacts via LinkedIn (it has happened to us a few times!).
  • LinkedIn also allows you to easily publish what they call ‘articles’, which are blog posts that are easily shared by your connections.
  • Building up 5-10 of these articles on topics that relate to your business is a great way of showing your unique selling points and expertise in your industry.


5. Google My Business is developing into a very useful tool for anyone with a location they want to appear on Google Maps.
  • Encourage your clients to review your business
  • Add your own posts with photos and videos
  • Your GMB profile is integrated into Google search results once you are a verified listing (a very easy process).


What we have listed here are just a few of the services we offer our clients at Deep Space Marketing. We are based in the UK but work with clients globally.

Get in touch if you would like us to help your social media efforts make an impact on your business.

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