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Client Case Study

5 Ways Tribes Travel Wins on Social Media

In March, Deep Space Marketing began managing the social media marketing for Tribes Travel. Tribes are an award winning long haul travel agency specialising in holidays to Africa, Latin America and the Indian Subcontinent.

By Guy Downes
Managing Partner
Monday 16 Dec 2019

While Tribes already had a presence on Facebook and Instagram, they brought Deep Space Marketing on board to build on what they had already done.

One of the aims was to build brand awareness for their services to a very specific type of traveller. Over the past 7 months we have focused on 5 key areas to increase engagement on their Facebook page and Instagram business profile.

What did we do and how did we do it?

1. Use of photos and video taken by Tribes staff on Facebook and Instagram. It’s no surprise that stock photography doesn’t really get the job done when you are promoting your expertise as travel experts. Using photos and videos taken by staff not only gives credibility to an agency that employs actual travellers but also gets around pesky image usage rights!

2. Creating a page likes ad that not only generates a larger audience but creates engagement with the image used. Growing the audience on Facebook was a priority for Tribes Travel and using an ad that popped in peoples Facebook feed was crucial.

3. Sharing posts from staff and the founders of Tribes Travel personal social media accounts. It’s not only about using photos and videos that staff have taken when abroad, but also sharing posts from their own social media profiles. When this content is shared to Tribes Travel accounts it reinforces the authenticity of the company as a community of travellers.

4. Checking Facebook and Instagram daily to ensure timely moderation of comments and replying to any questions. Have you ever asked a business a question and never heard back? Yeah, so have we. Monitoring our clients accounts for comments and questions builds reputation and goodwill among current and potential customers.

5. Consistency of content. We don’t do a post blitz of 7 photos and then go quiet for two weeks. We have maintained a consistent content output of photos and videos with relevant links and captions.

The results have been excellent.


  • Likes have gone up 254%
  • Impressions have gone up 21%
  • Comments have gone up 115%


  • Page & Post Engagements have gone up 273%
  • Post Impressions have gone up 161%
  • New fans have gone up 1,454% (not a typo!)

Yes, we have increased the audience of potential customers for Tribes Travel. We have also generated interest in sustainable travel, their tailor made travel service and an appreciation for wildlife and conservation.

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