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Managing ‘The Sarojin’ Social Media Marketing

In September 2019, Deep Space Marketing began managing The Sarojin social media marketing, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

By Victoria Perkins
Managing Partner
Tuesday 14 Jan 2020

The Sarojin is a luxury boutique beach resort in Khaolak, Phang Nga, Thailand with 56 private residences. It’s intimately set within 10 acres of lush tropical gardens and direct access onto an 11km secluded white sand beach. In a (coco)nutshell… paradise!

The legend of Lady Sarojin is inspiration for The Sarojin resort. The Lady Sarojin, the eldest daughter of a prominent Thai nobleman, became mistress of the house upon her mother’s accession. As such, she was responsible for not only the upkeep and smooth running of the residence and grounds, but also for the comfort of her father’s guests. So wholeheartedly did she pursue this vocation, that travelers from far and wide sought invitations, as this household had become famous for its hospitality, comfort and appeal under her aegis. Every team member at The Sarojin embodies this and are wholeheartedly in service of their guests. They want you to feel pampered and completely relaxed – your way.

Romance is most definitely celebrated at The Sarojin  with intimate experiences you will never forget. A candlelit dinner by a waterfall, picnics on secluded beaches or breakfast in bed served until 6pm everyday including unlimited sparkling wine. As The Sarojin say…”The limits are only your imagination”.


Photo credit: The Sarojin

Community and the environment are incredibly important to The Sarojin so the “Sarojin Cares” initiative was created to encourage staff and guests alike to make a difference. In response to the increase of travellers who want to help combate climate crisis and participate in sustainability initiatives during their holidays, The Sarojin decided to offer guests the chance to help give back to the local community and join the team on their regular ‘Sarojin Cares’ days outside of the resort.

In October 2019 The Sarojin added their own bottling plant to combat plastic waste. Guests are given a glass water bottle and can refill during their stay. It is estimated that they could reduced plastic waste by 120,000 bottles per year! And plastic straws have long been a thing of the past – now every cocktail is served with a lemonrass straw – environmentally friendly and delicious #winning. You can find out more about “Sarojin Cares” on The Sarojin blog.

So how does Deep Space Marketing manage The Sarojin social media, a resort that is many miles away from us? Skype! (and email of course). To ensure we are always on brand and conveying the spirit of The Sarojin we work closely with the Resort Manager on property. Together we look ahead to what’s happening at the resort, review what guests and social media followers are responding to and create content that will inspire the imagination. We want people to feel connected and welcomed, whether they’ve been a guest of The Sarojin or hoping to be one day. We want them to engage with us, ask questions and share their experiences. We want their experience online to be as inviting and as warm as their experience at The Sarojin.

This is just a small glimpse into The Sarojin, you can join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or visit their website to learn more. But fair warning, you will “Wish you were here”…

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