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So You Wrote a Blog Post. Now What?

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to write a blog post for your business more often?

By Guy Downes
Managing Partner
9 Jan 2018

Welcome to the club! The fact is, it’s often really difficult for business owners or marketers to carve out the time to write a well thought out and commercially relevant blog post. However there is plenty of proof that blogging for your business is always a good idea. Not just from an SEO point of view and the fact search engines love new relevant content on your website. But also your customers want to hear from you. Your news, your updates and your opinions as an expert in your field.

Blogging for your business – the next steps

So once you have found the time and made the effort to write a blog post, what next? How to you get people to actually read the thing? The answer is social media but which platform and how?

Five ways to get your blog post seen by your target market on Social Media

  • Share your blog post on Facebook and then boost it with whatever budget you feel appropriate (anything helps – you will be surprised at what just £5 can do). Be sure to target the demographics carefully in the Facebook boost. If you are a bricks and mortar business, think of towns surrounding your business that are likely to be home to new customers. Consider their interests and related interests. The more relevant you make the demographics of your Facebook boost, the better cost per click you will receive.
  • Tweet a link to your blog post with a headline that grabs attention. It doesn’t have to be the title of the post itself. Often there are quotes within your post that might get more clicks than the blog post title itself. Keep in mind two things, will the blog post answer a common question about your business and will it offer some kind of value (monetary or knowledge)? Also, don’t just tweet this once. Find different ways to introduce the blog post and use those as a series of tweets the week after you hit publish.
  • Got a strong image in the blog post? Add it to your Instagram account with the link to the post in your account bio and relevant hashtags. Follow that with an Instagram story that let’s people know you have added a new blog post and direct them to the link in the bio.
  • Recreate the post as an ‘article’ on your LinkedIn profile. If you have spent any time building your network on LinkedIn this is a great way to get your content seen without asking people to click away to another website.
  • Hopefully you already have links to your social media profiles in your email signature and a place to add a link. For a week or maybe two, change the link on your email signature to the blog post to encourage new traffic.

Don’t forget more traditional ways to get the word out too. If you send out a company email newsletter or have a more fully formed email marketing strategy, feature the post there. Finally, actually tell people about it! You know, person to person? Old fashioned but guess what, it still works!

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